2012 – A year in review

2012… 2012 was quite a year. I grew so much as a person and as a photographer. I traveled as much as I could get away and loved every minute of it. I’m going to attempt to do my best to recap the year and showcase a “best of” while I’m at it.

I started off 2012 with a brand new 365 day project. I spent a lot of January, and February in St. George, UT. avoiding the cold and snow.


Jess – Elan 7 – Fuji Super HQ

Spring time I had about covered the gamut of photography assignments. Seniors, portfolio building, wedding in Reno and an amazing show in Vegas.

Jake – Senior 2012
Megan – Hassy – Portra 160
Johnny Dang of O’Brother

June was probably my busiest month of the year. Started it off with another wedding

Tallerico Wedding

Flew to North Carolina to visit Lindsey and met up with a fellow awesome photographer Josh Hoffer.

Josh Hoffer and Lindsey
Lindsey – Wilmington Beach, NC

Drove to L.A. from Ely (9 hour drive) to see the last 3 Thrice shows on their farewell tour (ended up catching Riley’s drumstick the last show I was able to attend). I also met up with a few fellow Brotographers while I was down there. Drove back, 9 hours, after the final show (midnight) to Ely arriving at 9am just in time for work and one of our biggest fires of the season resulting in me being awake for roughly 41 straight hours.

Kevin Chu, Air Butchie, Adam Metcalf – Los Angeles
Dustin Kensrue live @ HOB Disneyland


Only being home a day my Type 2 Incident Management team was called out to a fire near SLC, UT.  That fire only lasted a couple of days and on our standby day I was able to finally meet up with a couple other really awesome photographer friends.

Team ID
First incident map
Brittani Willie and Trent Davis

The team and I were immediately sent up to the Fontenelle fire near Big Piney, WY.

Where I spent 16 hours a day for the remainder of the 14 day tour.
Fontenelle fire from ICP – Pyrocumulous column actually create their own weather.
We even made the NASA website.
Fontenelle fire up close and personal
Entiat Hotshots
Smokey Timber

July was spent mostly behind my desk here in Ely working our various fires from dispatch, but I was able to cash in on all of the hours I’d been working with my new photography computer setup.

27″ Thunderbolt Display, 15″ Retina MacBook Pro, Medium Intous 5 and CanoScan 9000F

August was a month filled with storms and a trip to Grand Junction, CO to visit Lindsey.

TS Lightning over Ely
Electric reflection of Ely

Kicked off September with another wedding and a prescribed burn, and ended it with another short IMT assignment, to Idaho this time. I was able to meet up with Dylan Howell and Sara Byrne in Boise for the 2nd time this year.

Jones Wedding
Camping on the RX burn
RX Burn
Fire behavior team
GISS – Makn’ maps and cheesn’ it up

October was another good month of traveling. SLC to see a Circa Survive show, Jazz game and Lagoon. Also met up with Trent Davis again, took  a drive up the canyon for some fall colors. There was also a trip to St. George for some mini golf as well. Some how between the trips to Utah I squeezed in a wedding here in Ely. Capped off October with a quick visit from Linds.

Anthony Green of Circa Survive
Adam Metcalf and Trent Davis
Trent Davis
Amanda – Goff Wedding



After I dropped Lindsey at the airport I stayed in Vegas for a day and waited for my flight out to Florida to visit another Brotog, Brian Storey for 6 days. Surprise, I grew a Movember moustache that was cut short for a one day trip to Seattle for a job interview I didn’t get, but am still working towards moving there. The cap on November was getting some film back from an all film shoot with Nychea Stewart.


Shooting a wedding with Brian Storey
Beach shoot with Brian


Puget Sound
Nychea – Hassy – Portra 160
Nychea – AE1 – Portra 160

Started of the final month of 2012 with a brand new haircut that I’d been trying to talk myself into for months. Had a trip to St. George for some birthday action and to shoot some rollers. The highlight of December was the latter half of the month which was a massive 5000 mile trip around the country for two weeks for Christmas and New Years.

Tallen’s Duramax
Virginia leaves.
Roanoke at night
No. Pre-Christmas in Raleigh, NC
Lindsey – Grand Junction, CO for Christmas


Lindsey – Las Vegas for New Years

Starting from Ely; drive to Vegas, fly to Raleigh NC, drive to Roanoke VA, drive to Raleigh NC, fly to Denver, drive to Grand Junction CO, drive to Las Vegas, drive to St. George UT, drive to Ely.

Map of the Trip

All in all, through disappointment, joy, kick ass times, and hard work , 2012 was a hell of a year. Met so many amazing people, had so many great trips and spent time with those already in my life. Traveled to 11 states;

Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, California, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida. 2013 you have your work cut out for you. Thanks for looking and be sure to check back for new work throughout 2013.

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