Best of 2014

Kyle Ford best of 2014, a year in photos

Two thousand and fourteen was a hell of a year for me. It began with an exciting week in Seattle that included recovering a friend’s stolen vehicle, crazy new years party and a job interview. The job interview blossomed into a job offer and I made the leap to Seattle, where I’d had my heart set for several years. The last thing I’d ever thought I’d do in life is write, but to my surprise, I started as a staff writer for I’ve only been here a eleven months and to my surprise, I was voted in the top 25 wedding photographers in Eastern Washington. These are a collection favorite photographs over my last year, I hope you enjoy.

 Professional Work

KyleFord-Bestof2014_02 001 KyleFord-Bestof2014_06 KyleFord-Bestof2014_05 KyleFord-Bestof2014_07 KyleFord-Bestof2014_04 004 KyleFord-Bestof2014_15 KyleFord-Bestof2014_13 KyleFord-Bestof2014_14 002 KyleFord-Bestof2014_18 KyleFord-Bestof2014_19 003 KyleFord-Bestof2014_17
005 KyleFord-Bestof2014_22 KyleFord-Bestof2014_09


Friends // Exploring

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