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Jena Mastin Portra 400 Test

Jena – Mastin Ilford Delta 3200 Testing

Testing Mastin Labs Ilford Delta 3200 Preset I set out to beta test the upcoming Ilford Delta 3200 black and white presets from Mastin Labs. After several scheduling conflicts I was able to get someone to model for the testing, that was Jena Sawyer. I’m stoked because she just cut her hair into bangs and […]


C’era – Dash Point – Seattle Photographer – Kyle Ford

C’era is a model from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was in Seattle visiting family. She happened across my work on instagram and hit me up to set up a shoot. We met at Dash Point park south of Seattle and had a blast. She was such a blast to work with and she moved with […]


Sarah Acord – Seattle Photographer – Kyle S. Ford

When I heard that Sarah was moving to Seattle I knew we had to shoot. She is definitely one of the coolest girls I know, and she even likes the same music as I do. Pretty rare, a girl that likes UnderOath. We’d met once at her dad’s brewery, and were able to meet up […]


Sarah H – Seattle Photographer – Kyle S. Ford

Up until the last few weekend I had not shot anything since moving to Seattle a couple of months ago, and it was starting to wear on me. Finally Maria and I were able to hook up for a collaboration in the city. We started out near her makeup school and worked our way down […]

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