C’era – Dash Point – Seattle Photographer – Kyle Ford

C’era is a model from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was in Seattle visiting family. She happened across my work on instagram and hit me up to set up a shoot. We met at Dash Point park south of Seattle and had a blast. She was such a blast to work with and she moved with such fluidity which made photographing her so exciting. I’m still blown away by the amazing summer golden hour light up here in the Pacific Northwest. Back home in Nevada, the mountains were so high and close you were lucky to get 30 min of the golden hour light.

Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_001 Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_002 Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_003 Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_004 Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_005 Seattle-Photographer-KyleFord-Dash-Point_006

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