Dustin Kensrue & David Ramirez Live at Chop Suey

The Rocketboys

Indie Rock band from Austin Texas, started the evening off with their short yet lively set. The frontman would end their performance in the crowd singing his guts out. It was amazing. It wouldn’t be the last we’d see of those Rocketboys however.

David Ramirez

would grace the stage next. I was ignorant to his music until this tour was announced, but I am sure glad I found it. He may be one of the best songwriters I’ve never heard of. His music reminds me a lot of home with an Americana flavor. He commanded the the stage all on his own.

Dustin Kensrue

would finish off the night, but not alone like he has in the past. The Rocketboys backed him for half of his set which really added another layer to his already great performance. Dustin really just looked happy to be on the road performing again. He also covered Lorde, but on later dates he has been testing out a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”, which I wish I got to hear live.

Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_01 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_02 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_03 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_04 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_05Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_07 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_08 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_09Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_06 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_10 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_11 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_12 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_13 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_14 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_15 Dustin-Kensrue-David-Ramirez-Seattle_16

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