Environmental Defense Fund Campaign

Environmental Defense Fund

So It Lasts Campaign

The Wasatch Mountains hold a special place in my heart. I was only ever going to move away from Seattle if I was able to be in the mountains more often and Salt Lake City was an obvious choice with the range of scenery here. These mountains provide so much to do and see for the residents of this state.

They are some of the most beautiful giants year-round, from when they are snow-capped six months of the year to when they spring to life when the trees green up. The best part is they are quite literally in my backyard; it takes just half an hour to reach some of my favorite places in the west.

Environmental Defense Fund is doing vital work to preserve these places and many others like it so we and those who succeed us will have them to enjoy for many generations to come. Please take the time to donate to this wonderful organization to help their mission moving forward.


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