☆ Haley – 2013 Senior ☆ Kyle S. Ford: Photographer – Ely Nevada

Haley and I went for a little adventure around a part of the Northern Nevada Railroad station I had never shot, mostly because it really didn’t look like the usual “railroad” locations. There were some maintenance workers around where we were shooting but they let us do whatever we wanted and even let us in the repair shop for a small donation, I couldn’t pass up the beautiful light coming from the old dirty windows towering above us. Everything in there was greasy and/or covered in soot, including this gorgeous sweet cat.
The 2nd part of her shoot she wanted some studio, sports shots like I had done for Aryton. Haley and her younger sister stopped by the studio and we shot for a couple of hours just trying different things, I am quite pleased with the entire set! Haley is a gorgeous girl who was a blast to shoot with.


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☆ Aryton – 2013 Senior ☆ Kyle S. Ford: Photographer – Ely Nevada