✈ Hawaii / Seattle Vacation ✈ Kyle S. Ford: Photographer – Seattle, WA

Back in September my good friends Adam and Ronnie asked me if I would accompany them on a trip to Hawaii and Seattle. Being conscious of my efforts of finding a job and moving to Seattle I was wary at first but had just ended the busiest fire season I’ve had to date, so I decided I would go. I had one hell of a time too. We left for Hawaii from Las Vegas to catch our connection in LA. We arrived around 10pm local time, grabbed some sushi and went to bed. We woke up near sunrise to go stand-up paddleboarding with Dan. We were greeted in the water by some curious dolphins who hung around most of the morning, it was one of the most incredible things I’ve experienced. The other major highlight to the trip was hiking the Haiku Stairs (Stairway to Heaven). It was a gnarly 3922 stair ladder that was constructed in 1942, with an elevation gain of nearly 3000 ft. The rest of the days were filled with relaxing on various beaches and consuming wonderful food. Huge thanks to the Reed family for hosting us for the duration of the trip.

We were off again, this time a red eye to Seattle. Arriving in Seattle on a brisk, humid morning our good friend Terrill picked us up. The first night we had to get some shots of the skyline from West Seattle (the last shot) It was great seeing so many old and new friends. Kyle, Kurt, Terrill, Adam, Ronnie and I all decided that we would take part in the Tough Mudder Competition on our second to last day of the trip. Our team uniform was nothing other than Legends of the Hidden Temple. Despite being sore for several days I had a blasty blast getting the dirtiest I’ve ever been in my life running 11.5 miles. We grabbed the City Pass, explored some of the highlights of the city and of course some Seattle nightlife. 10/10 would do again!


Most of the photographs are film, all developed by Indie Film Lab. The 35mm was shot on a Leica M3, and the 1 medium format shot was from the Hasselblad 500cm. Various stocks include Ilford Delta 100, Tri-X 400, Portra 400 and Fuji Super HQ 100.

KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0000 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0001 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0002 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0003 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0004 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0005 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0006 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0007 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0008 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0009 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0010 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0011 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0012 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0013 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0014 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0015 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0016 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0017 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0018 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0019 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0020 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0021 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0022 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0023 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0024

Digital – Canon 5D markiii – VSCOfilm

KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0025 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0026 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0027 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0028 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0029 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0030 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0031 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0032

Back to film in Seattle.

KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0033 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0034 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0035 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0036 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0037 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0038 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0039 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0040 KyleSFord_Hawaii_Seattle_Vaca_0041

5D markiii


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