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J.Crew Stretch Denim Test Drive

I was excited to test drive the new J.Crew denim lineup, the search for the perfect pair of jeans is perpetual. As an adventure photographer, I need my clothing to be flexible and durable. My first impressions of the 770 Straight-fit Stretch Indigo raw and 770 Straight-fit Stretch deep black, were precisely that. The stretch-fit allowed a vast range of motion in all of the various contortions I end up in when making photographs.
I’d describe my body type as athletic but with tree trunk legs. I’ve spent a lot of time hiking and playing soccer, so a lot of jeans don’t fit me well. That’s not the case with the 770s. They are snug and stylish, yet have a significant amount of flex when you need it. Getting in and out of my truck is a breeze.
I can’t seem to stop wearing my 770s deep black. They are so comfortable, and the color is such a deep black, it makes most of my other black jeans appear grey. The indigo raw jeans took a bit more time to loosen up, but once they did are a joy to wear daily. They also look fantastic with my Red Wings (I wear the J. Crew Roughneck Boots because they are great all around footwear)
The 1040 Athletic-Fit stays true to its description and is more relaxed in the hips and thighs. It’s quickly becoming my favorite weekend pair of jeans for more carefree days when I spend a lot of time editing in coffee shops.
I think it’s time for me to replace the rest of my denim collection with the new J.Crew Jeans.

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