Jena – Mastin Ilford Delta 3200 Testing

Testing Mastin Labs Ilford Delta 3200 Preset

I set out to beta test the upcoming Ilford Delta 3200 black and white presets from Mastin Labs. After several scheduling conflicts I was able to get someone to model for the testing, that was Jena Sawyer. I’m stoked because she just cut her hair into bangs and I’m lovin’ it! I unfortunately had a prior engagement to get to that caused a time constraint but we made it happen. Also included are some shots applied with the Mastin Portra 400 and 400H presets.

Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_00 Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_01 Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_02 Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_06 Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_03 Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_04Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_05Jena-Mastin-Ilford-Testing_07


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