Bespoke Post December 22, 2018 / Commercial Bespoke Post Commercial Work Thanks to my friends at MGMT Creative I did a bit of photography for Bespoke Post and their amazing coffee lovers box. This product really was something I enjoyed photographing because I thoroughly enjoyed the product while I was making the images. Featuring Humblemaker Coffee, Presse by Bobble, and Bespoke Post. OPEN POST Welcome to RAID for Photographers November 29, 2018 / Education Welcome to RAID for photographers An Introduction to RAID, RAID 1 video. My primary goal with this video is to demystify RAID for the less technical. I know many of my artist friends would love to get into a RAID system but initially, it seems overwhelming and technical. It used to be much more difficult, […] OPEN POST J.Crew Mens – One Warm Coat Partnership October 13, 2018 / Commercial J.Crew Men’s x One Warm Coat Commercial Photography I believe that no one should go cold this winter. J.Crew partnered up with One Warm Coat to donate lightly worn coats at any J.Crew store, and they made sure they found a good home to someone that needs it. J.Crew also sent along some GT Scramble […] OPEN POST Environmental Defense Fund Campaign September 14, 2018 / Commercial Environmental Defense Fund So It Lasts Campaign The Wasatch Mountains hold a special place in my heart. I was only ever going to move away from Seattle if I was able to be in the mountains more often and Salt Lake City was an obvious choice with the range of scenery here. These mountains provide […] OPEN POST J.Crew Mens Stretch Denim August 19, 2018 / Commercial J.Crew Mens J.Crew Stretch Denim Test Drive I was excited to test drive the new J.Crew denim lineup, the search for the perfect pair of jeans is perpetual. As an adventure photographer, I need my clothing to be flexible and durable. My first impressions of the 770 Straight-fit Stretch Indigo raw and 770 Straight-fit Stretch […] OPEN POST Cascade Mountain Tech 2018 July 22, 2018 / Commercial Cascade Mountain Tech Commercial Work I first discovered Cascade Mountain Tech, wandering around Costco and saw their Rotomolded coolers on display. They appeared to be the quality of Yeti but at a fraction of the price. Only a couple of weeks later the company reached out and expressed interest in sending me some gear to […] OPEN POST
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