Kristen Davis Testing

Studio Testing with Kristen Davis

About 3 weeks ago Kristen found my via Instagram and we set up a testing shoot at my place with my ad-hoc studio in the living room. She was one of several recent shoots I did after I realized to book what you want, you should only be posting what you want to shoot. I wrote it up on FStoppers as well. She was a lot of fun to shoot and such a great girl. There are a mix of natural light and direct flash as well as digital and film shots. The film was a Cinestill BWxx film, self developed and scanned on the Pakon. I’m thinking if I keep this up I’m going to have to find a studio space.

Kristen-Davis-Testing-KyleFord_01 Kristen-Davis-Testing-KyleFord_02 Kristen-Davis-Testing-KyleFord_03 Kristen-Davis-Testing-KyleFord_04 Kristen-Davis-Testing-KyleFord_05

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