Luft Concepts RWB Review

Over the New Year, I made a boneheaded mistake and walked up the security line in SeaTac with my Draplin Design Co x James Brand, Ellis multi-tool, which broke my heart. That prompted me to begin a search for a new EDC knife. One of my good friends posted his Luft Concepts RWB in all-black. I looked into that particular blade and loved what I saw. I messaged them directly on Instagram, wanting to get my hands on the all-black version, but I saw they had a DLT Trading exclusive launch in a couple of weeks and knew that one would look amazing with my already brass/copper EDC setup.

These were my initial thoughts on the RWB and Luft Concepts. Firstly, I was amazed at the company’s personal voice messages in response to my messages helping me find one of their knives. The RWB on unboxing was surprisingly light for the size. The magnets keep the blade secure and actually take a bit of getting used to opening the blade. Using my middle finger in the thumbhole and flicking the blade out makes for the most effortless deployment. The Bronze Titanium is darker and less brass-like than in the studio shots on the DLTs website. It’s not that I dislike the color; I was just expecting something lighter in color. The shredded carbon side is stunning, and the bronze hits on that side complement the black carbon. I like how deep the clip fits the knife into my pocket for carry. I never worry about it working out of my pocket, nor does it feel loose or insecure. The center of mass is roughly two fingers behind the pivot, which makes the knife feel very balanced in the hand. Can’t wait to see how this knife patinas with daily use over the next few months.

I can definitely recommend both DLT Trading and Luft Concepts, as my experience with both was wonderful.

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