Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original Capture One Review

Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original Styles Capture One Review

Today Kirk and the crew over at Mastin Labs released their flagship presets in Capture One Styles. Mastin Labs Fujicolor Original Capture One Review is below. I’ve been moving more and more of my workflow to Capture One in the past couple of years. This is getting me one step closer to ditching Lightroom altogether. The pack includes; Fuji 400H, Fuji 400H Blue, Fuji 160NS, and Fuji 800z. The 800z was a bonus as it wasn’t part of the original Fuji Original Pack.

It also has the very handy white balance tools Kirk debuted in the updated Lightroom packs and as well as great grain presets.

I am so stoked that one of my favorite packs for matching film I shoot has been redone for use in Capture One. I feel that Capture One usually has the better color rendering and have already been processing all of my Leica M10 photos there.

In the video, I show several images and how they look processed with the Fujicolor Original Styles. Watch the video below for the First look/review

If you are interested in more information you can find that over on Mastin Labs.

Below are some images processed from the video.

If you liked this video and are curious about the other styles Mastin Labs has for Capture One, check out my review of the Everyday Film Pack. 

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