May Day Seattle Photos 2015

May Day Seattle 2015 – Capitol Hill

As soon as I got off of work I headed home to gear up for the evening marches around the Capitol Hill area. The evening march was mostly comprised of the anti-capitalism and anarchist groups.  

The early marches; Black lives Matter and the traditional May Day March were in good spirits and peaceful. The officers were much more casually dressed as well. Once the anti-capitalism marches was gearing up the officers did the same. This march started off with a much different tone, more swearing and hate towards police. While there were some with great messages speaking some of the attitude I felt was angsty teen “anarchists” just wanting to cause damage. Over all aside from the 45 minutes of tension when the main group tried to make it’s way downtown it wasn’t as bad as the media is making it out to be. It wasn’t even close to a “riot”. I really never felt my safety was in jeopardy. I had saftey gear in my bag I never felt the need to use. There were several flash bangs and used that seemed to cause the crowd to become more agitated and draw a larger crowd.

Overall I’d say with only 16 arrests and a handful of injuries wouldn’t qualify as a riot, but the media will sensationalize.

police gearing up police hustle to get ahead of the group protester with his hands up in front of police line bike cops hands up don't shoot police keep march from heading downtown running down the street ahead of the group

I’m pretty sure this guy was a bystander watching from the bar and had picked up the flare the march participants had thrown into the dumpster that was overturned. Wrong place, wrong time I suppose.a bystander arrested for picking up the flare arrested officer keeps a dumpster from rolling flash bang police officer hands up anarchist police keep a keen eye out hands up flag bearer in march flash bang goes off bike cop with pepper spray participant hit with a flash bang volunteer medic banner of those killed by police leading a chant emotional speech on megaphone Protester speaking Police line at dusk trash can fire anarchist burning clothing police line anarchy symbol spray pained protesters line up opposite police line Bike cop police line

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