PVRIS live at El Corazon – Seattle

PVRIS opened for Mayday Parade the day their new album White Noise was released into the wild. They stole the show and I found myself yearning for a few more songs at the end of their set. You can catch them on their next tour January 23-March 4th, supporting Pierce The Veil & Sleeping With Sirens.

PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_00 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_01 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_02 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_03 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_04 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_05 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_06 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_07 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_08 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_09 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_10 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_11 PVRIS-Seattle-ElCorazon-KyleFord_12

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