Sarah Acord – Seattle Photographer – Kyle S. Ford

When I heard that Sarah was moving to Seattle I knew we had to shoot. She is definitely one of the coolest girls I know, and she even likes the same music as I do. Pretty rare, a girl that likes UnderOath. We’d met once at her dad’s brewery, and were able to meet up for something fun. I wanted to shoot a few rolls of film and I was so stoked when I got the scans back. The first bunch is all film, when the color images start up again after the black and white, that is shot on the 5D markiii. Film stocks used were Kodak Portra 400, and Tri-X 400 shot on Leica M3, developed by Alpine Film Lab.

Alpine was kind enough to say some extremely kind words and feature this set on their instagram. That is one of the best compliments I’ve ever received about my work. When people who stare at film scans all day think yours stands out, well lets just say I’m flattered. They are some amazing people over there, and would suggest them to anyone.


SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_00 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_01
SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_03 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_04 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_05 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_06 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_07
SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_09 SarahAcord-KyleFord-Seattle_10

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Sarah H – Seattle Photographer – Kyle S. Ford