Sarah H – Seattle Photographer – Kyle S. Ford

Up until the last few weekend I had not shot anything since moving to Seattle a couple of months ago, and it was starting to wear on me. Finally Maria and I were able to hook up for a collaboration in the city. We started out near her makeup school and worked our way down to Pike Place. The first location, which we vacated quickly, had someone thrusting his hips behind a dumpster. On to more populated & less sketchy areas.


Model: Sarah Hughes

Makeup/Styleing: Maria Pagano

SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_01 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_03 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_04 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_05 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_02 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_08 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_07 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_06 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_10 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_09 SarahH-KyleFord-Seattle_11

A couple of outtakes, the first Sarah finally registered what was happening behind her, and the 2nd she is enjoying some fresh sample peas.


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♫ Manchester Orchestra – Cope Tour ♪ – SEATTLE MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER- KYLE S. FORD