Seattle Photography Mentor – Kyle Ford – Talitha Bullock

Talitha had been trying to meet up for a few months before she was finally able to trick me out of my house with some great cookies and pizza for a mentor session. Glad she did because she’s one of the most rad people I know! I had a blast talking shop and shooting with her, she didn’t even mind my potty mouth too bad. We talked file management, backups, optimising Lightroom. Here are a few images of her I snapped while we walked around the cool park by her place. She sure rocks my M3, I’m sure she looks better than me with it! I’ve still got to send the film off… for another day I suppose. Check out her work on her website.

Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_001 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_002 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_003 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_004 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_005 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_006 Seattle-Photographer-Mentor-KyleFord-Talitha_007

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