☢ Standing on the Edge ☢ – Kyle S. Ford: Photographer

I’ve been getting quite a few questions about this image so I thought that I’d put up a blog post.

This was a self portrait idea I have been bouncing around in my head for quite a while and the weather finally cooperated enough to shoot it. This started out as a 124 image Brenizer method image effectively simulating a 17mm lens @ ƒ/0.40. If you’re wondering how the hell I did a 124 image Brenizer self portrait, you wouldn’t be far off base. I shot this alone, meaning that I had to shoot my upper body, walk back adjust the tripod and shoot my lower half. I took several poses of my top half so I had to match them all for my lower half because I was unsure of which I’d like best. I made some clear heel marks in the dirt to make sure I didn’t move too far off. I then shot about 20 shots of my lower half angled and shifted different ways, hoping that one of them would match up, luckily one was close enough.

Camera: 5D markii w/ 85L | Natural Lighting | LR4 | Photoshop CS6

The final image is cropped a bit from the 17mm wide view for more pleasing ascetic, but the depth remains. The print is also available for purchase in my print store. See the image in retina optimized glory here.


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☆ 2013 WAC – Gymnastics Championships ☆ Kyle S. Ford: Photographer