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Day 1 – 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge

I was nominated by Skott for the 5 Day Black and White photo challenge. Funny, because I’ve been on a bit of a BW kick this month.   My first shot is from my trip to the Ice Caves, located in the northern Cascades. It was a wet rainy day but it was gorgeous! I […]


2014 Instax

Collection of Instax from 2014 so far. Diablo Lake High Steel Bridge Big Four Ice Caves JV on Vesper Peak Sarah A. Sarah H Terrill & Jess Tiff & Thomas Vance Creek Vesper Lake  


The Used Live at The Showbox SODO – Seattle

I’ve never seen a band always give it 100% and leave everything on the stage every time I’ve seen them the way the used does. There are a handful of bands whose music has been the only constant thing in my life and these dudes are one of them. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in […]


♫ The Sounds & Blondfire live at Neumos, Seattle ♪ – Seattle Music Photographer- Kyle S. Ford

THE SOUNDS & BLONDFIRE LIVE AT NEUMOS IN SEATTLE Since moving up to Seattle, I have been trying to make the most of it one way by going to as many shows as I can. Living in Ely, I had to take a day and a half off of work and would usually end up […]

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