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Haley M. Golden Gardens / Downtown Testing

Haley McLain Testing at Golden Gardens & Downtown Seattle Haley is a model with TCM here in Seattle, but we hooked up via social media. Most of my testing shoots seem to manifest via social sites, which is fine by me. She is also a photographer so it gives her a unique perspective on the […]


Susan Kang – Testing

Testing w/ Susan Kang Susan came by the new apartment for a testing session. I had never shot direct flash with a bracket but was up for the challenge. I ordered the bracket from Amazon (CB Mini Bracket) and picked up this to go with it (Canon Off Camera Shoe Cord 3) I shot a mix […]


✈ Hawaii / Seattle Vacation ✈ Kyle S. Ford: Photographer – Seattle, WA

Back in September my good friends Adam and Ronnie asked me if I would accompany them on a trip to Hawaii and Seattle. Being conscious of my efforts of finding a job and moving to Seattle I was wary at first but had just ended the busiest fire season I’ve had to date, so I […]


☆ Reynoso – Marques ☆ Kyle S. Ford: Wedding Photographer – Ely Nevada

Alyssa and Freddy are another couple that I went to high school with. I think we all knew this day was inevitable. I had the help of my good friend Adam Metcalf for this one, which is always a pleasure. We started out hanging with the girls for a few hours then caught the guys […]

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