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2014 Instax

Collection of Instax from 2014 so far. Diablo Lake High Steel Bridge Big Four Ice Caves JV on Vesper Peak Sarah A. Sarah H Terrill & Jess Tiff & Thomas Vance Creek Vesper Lake  


Petersen Wedding – Seattle Wedding Photographer – Kyle S. Ford

I was so jacked when my highschool buddy Shawn wanted me and Adam to shoot his wedding in Reno. Not only was it a blast to see everyone, but to be back in Nevada for the first time since the move to Seattle. They were a crazy bunch so it was exciting every second of […]


♫ Manchester Orchestra – Cope Tour ♪ – SEATTLE MUSIC PHOTOGRAPHER- KYLE S. FORD

Manchester Orchestra Cope Tour – The Neptune Theater Manchester Orchestra lead by Andy Hull is on the road promoting their recently released album “Cope” with Balance and Composure and Kevin Devine and the goddamn band. This was hands down the best performance I have seen Manchester put on the handful of times I’ve seen them […]


♫ The Sounds & Blondfire live at Neumos, Seattle ♪ – Seattle Music Photographer- Kyle S. Ford

THE SOUNDS & BLONDFIRE LIVE AT NEUMOS IN SEATTLE Since moving up to Seattle, I have been trying to make the most of it one way by going to as many shows as I can. Living in Ely, I had to take a day and a half off of work and would usually end up […]

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