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walking down road with parka and camera

J.Crew Mens Stretch Denim 2019

J.Crew Mens Stretch Denim Commercial Work Feeling very grateful for the relationship that has developed between J.Crew and myself. This part two of the J.Crew Mens stretch denim being the third assignment together. As a big fan of the denim, it’s been amazing to be able to make some images of me for such a […]


☆ Adams & Larson Wedding ☆ Kyle S. Ford: Wedding Photographer – Seattle, WA

Here I was just wrapping up a local volleyball team shoot when my phone rings and one of my seniors mothers was on the other end. She explained there was a wedding that had no photographer due to an unfortunate car accident. I was glad I had all of my gear charged and ready to […]


☼ Barney Family ☼ Phoenix Fotos – Kyle S Ford, Photographer – Ely Nevada

I present to you, the Barney family. Had a great time with them and their very calm horses. Usually shooting with animals is more of a hassle than it is beneficial to the shoot but these were so calm and easy.  The kids were also a pleasure to shoot, they killed it.


☆ Jones Engagement ☆ Phoenix Fotos – Kyle Ford – Ely Nevada

Had the opportunity to shoot these two earlier this winter spring. Chris and Catalina are never boring to be around and we had a blast running around this place in the cold.    

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