Cascade Mtn Tech Cooler


J. Crew Men’s commercial work and partnership.

Working with J. Crew was a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve been a long time fan of the brand, and when they reached out to work with me, I was elated. It was so fun to create images and review the new denim lineup. Being a commercial adventure photographer, I was able to not only stress test the product in the real world doing what I do in the elements, but also provide high-quality commercial imagery for each of the campaigns. It was a challenge to get out of my comfort zone to not only photograph the product but to take self-portraits without assistance. I was stoked to work with them again for the One Warm Coat Campaign and again for another denim project. I was proud to provide content for multiple campaigns for their social networks. I look forward to seeing what we create in the future.


Cascade Mountain Tech

Cascade Mountain Tech commercial work for the super-coolers, trekking poles, and camp chairs.

As an adventure photographer having reliable, quality camping equipment has changed how I camp when I’m on the road. I felt this shoot came naturally to me due to the product aligning so well with work and lifestyle. The banner image on their homepage showcased several of their products in action naturally to allow their customers to envision how the product would fit into their lives. This partnership showed me the benefits of working with brands in which I belive. Glad to see a Seattle based company doing great things.


Partnership with Synology in an effort to educate photographers about RAID and backups.

The project is featured on the popular photography website FStoppers which has around 6 million monthly views. With my background in IT and GIS, data management and safety is something I preach and teach to all other photographers. This video partnership with Synology allowed us to work together to help photographers learn about RAID and keep their data safe. Not only do I have commercial photography partnerships but I also have some great partnerships in providing commercial video for brands. I enjoyed taking this project from the production phase to shooting and speaking in the video, through the entire edit, and into the final product.

Kanati Tires

Commercial work for Kanati Tires offroad tire lineup.

We spent several days with Kanati Tires film and photographing their tire lineup in the red sands of Sand Hollow State Park, Utah. I don’t know if I’ve ever had more fun on a shoot than jumping jeeps in one of the most beautiful places on earth. 10/10 would do that again. My experience as a commercial photographer prepared me for the vastly different lighting scenarios we encountered in the desert. From harsh midday sun to off-camera flash during sunset. I also provided commercial retouching for the final images.

Bespoke Post

Commercial work for Bespoke Post via MGMT Creative.

When MGMT reached out to me to do some work with Bespoke Post I was all in. I’ve always been a fan of the boxes that Bespoke puts together. As a coffee lover from Seattle, I couldn’t have been more excited to get that box in the mail and document my use of the portable fresh press and grinder. Simple collaborations like this benefitted from my commercial work experience to provide clean commercial images on a quick turn around to help a friend at the agency.

The Environmental Defense Fund

Content creation to generate awareness of their #soitlasts campaign

Environmental Defense Fund is doing vital work to preserve these places and many others like it so we and those who succeed us will have them to enjoy for many generations to come. These are the types of jobs that I feel in my soul, doing good work to benefits our future and our planet. As a commercial adventure photographer, my career and lifestyle depend on being able to utilize public lands. I was hired via the H Hub agency to provide imagery and social content to spread awareness of their #soitlasts campaign.

Growing up in rural Nevada and working in Wildland Fire for many years, my appreciation for protecting our fragile ecosystems has become an essential issue for me. I was so happy to contribute to that preservation of our wonderful planet.