Tips for photographing at the Salt Flats

Here are some tips for photographing at the Bonneville Salt Flats

Plan for about a two-hour drive for the best locations, which is almost to Wendover. It’s 123 miles from Salt Lake City. To find the road, search Google maps for “Bonneville Salt Flats International Speedway.”

Firstly the temperature on the salt flats can vary wildly from night to day. Reaching above 100 degrees and well below freezing. Check the weather for Wendover for the most accurate forecast.

Check the live webcam

If there have been storms recently, don’t drive off the roads, you could easily break through the crust and sink in the mud.

The UV reflecting off the salt beds can be very intense, make sure to bring shade and sunscreen for you and your clients.

The Salt flats can change dramatically in just one day, so even if you were there recently, there’s a chance they are flooded or muddy now.

The sunsets can be absolutely stunning out there. Sometimes even after you think the time passed, a second or much later sunset peeks out from the clouds and makes magic. Be patient.

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