Trask Snowy Maternity Session

I was a little apprehensive when Alex asked me to do their maternity images for them; not really my forte. We opted to run from the rain and turn this into a snowy maternity session and I’m not sure I could like the images any more. 

The whole trip was quite the ordeal. To start the day my car was blocked in by contractors which had to be tracked down. We met on Snowqualmie Pass as the snow started to fall. The roads weren’t great but wasn’t much of a concern until we wanted to go a little farther to get away from the people. We had a great session, ran into a few friends along the way, and enjoyed some hot cocoa. The light was fading and it was getting bitter cold and wet so, we got a ton of great stuff so we decided to head back to Seattle.

As you can see from the images, the snowflakes were huge. My car was getting buried and had trouble getting out of the lot which wasn’t plowed and was covered in an icy based snow pack. With a quick boost from Alex and a couple helpful people I was on my way back home. The drive back was stressful to the max. My street tires aren’t ideal for those conditions and made it down without incident. Waking up to a message from Andrea this morning saying she couldn’t love them anymore was a fantastic way to start my Thursday.

Hope everyone has a fantastic, safe holiday season. Thanks for looking.

snow maternity walking snow maternity embracing snow maternity back to back snow maternity blanket hot cocoa snow maternity blanket hot cocoa snow maternity belly side snow couple trees snow maternity couple blanket couple sitting on blanket in the snow couple walking away in the snow

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