Utah National Park Tour 2016

2016 Utah Road Trip

Southern Utah has a special place in my heart as that is where I spent five years attending Southern Utah University in Cedar City. Though I didn’t take advantage of living in such a beautiful place while I was there, sadly. Sarah and I hopped on a flight to SLC to rectify that situation. We met up with our good friends Adam & Stacha in Salt Lake and made our way down to St. George to start our 1129 mile loop of Utah’s (and a little Arizona) best sights. Below you will find my favorite images from our trip, mostly digital but you’ll find some film images hiding in there as well.

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Zion National Park

Zion Canyon

Very much the best bang for your buck view in Zion; a short, mostly flat hike to the viewpoint offers spectacular views for minimal effort.

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Angel’s Landing

One of the tougher hikes we did on the trip was the most breathtaking. Once you navigate the chain assisted climb around a busy trail what you are greeted with is a view that I couldn’t even dream up. A different look down Zion Canyon from a great height and sheer drop off on three sides of you is a humbling experience.
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Horseshoe Bend

Another very easy walk from the road leads you to a massive view of the iconic Colorado River scene. Visitor after visitor approached behind us, nearly everyone gasping at the grand sight that just smashed their retinas. Most images you’ve seen are huge panorama’s that are beautiful but seriously fail in depicting the scale of this view. Go there!

utah-road-trip-031 utah-road-trip-032 utah-road-trip-033

Monument Valley

From the iconic road shot to the fantasy-Esq buttes erupting from the valley floor. The fact you can camp with the mitten and Merricks buttes right in your face was one of my favorite nights of the trip.

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Dead Horse Point State Park

Very easily overlooked, as this amazing canyon is nestled up right next to Moab and Arches National Park. I enjoyed watching the sunset here with my friends as well as shooting a couple of rolls of film while the light was fantastic.

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Mesa Arch

What a shit show! Seriously one of the craziest locations we visited. We woke up at 3:30 to ensure we got a good spot to view the sunrise illuminating the arch but we were far from the first people set up. Once sunrise approached a tour bus of tourists offloaded and our nicely spaced set up became a cramped, awkward mess. Many of them trying to set up tripods in front of ours and complaining that people were in their way. Still, despite the craziness, I’m elated with the photo I have from here.


Arches National Park

Well, just like Zion, you could easily spend a week here and not get enough. We spent the day exploring some of the lesser popular locations and enjoying the non-rushed day as the rest of the trip had been very tightly scheduled.

utah-road-trip-065 utah-road-trip-066 utah-road-trip-067 utah-road-trip-068 utah-road-trip-069 utah-road-trip-070 utah-road-trip-071 utah-road-trip-072

Delicate Arch Hike

I may or may not have fibbed and misremembered how long this hike was. The first time I was here I was on a fire assignment nearby and had just enough time to sprint up the trail to catch the sunset, here. I knew it was long but I didn’t remember how steep the beginning of this was and the girls were not happy with me. It was also so damn windy, which led to some visitors losing some water bottles down the bowl and jackets flying around. Also some fun images of Sarah in the wind. 
utah-road-trip-074 utah-road-trip-075 utah-road-trip-076 utah-road-trip-077 utah-road-trip-078 utah-road-trip-079 utah-road-trip-080 utah-road-trip-081 utah-road-trip-082 utah-road-trip-083

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