Welcome to RAID for Photographers

Welcome to RAID for photographers

An Introduction to RAID, RAID 1 video.

My primary goal with this video is to demystify RAID for the less technical. I know many of my artist friends would love to get into a RAID system but initially, it seems overwhelming and technical. It used to be much more difficult, but manufacturers have made it super easy to get started and maintain your systems. Special thanks to Synology and Seagate for providing the unit and drives to make this video possible.

I’m also going to be working on part 2 which will be a more advanced dive into RAID featuring RAID 5 and 6 later on which I’ll link here when it’s complete.

Also if you would like more information on getting started with backups you can find that in an article I wrote for Mastin Labs: https://kford.pw/backups

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