Author: thecackster

2023 Smart Lighting for Vivint

    In the realm of home automation, Vivint has been a pioneer, continually pushing boundaries to enhance the way we interact with our living spaces. Their latest foray into the world of smart technology comes in the form of Vivint’s new smart lighting system, a beacon of innovation that promises to illuminate homes in […]


Luft Concepts RWB Review

Over the New Year, I made a boneheaded mistake and walked up the security line in SeaTac with my Draplin Design Co x James Brand, Ellis multi-tool, which broke my heart. That prompted me to begin a search for a new EDC knife. One of my good friends posted his Luft Concepts RWB in all-black. […]


Overlanding Glacier National Park

Jenna and I met up in Glacier National Park to do some camping / overandling in the area. Jenna made it there a few hours before me and secured a camping spot for us near the west entrance to the park. We had tried all week to get one of the Going to the Sun […]


Mastin Labs – Portra Pushed for Capture One Review

Review of the Mastin Labs Portra Pushed styles for Capture One. I take a look at what pushing film is, why you would want to do that, and how this style pack looks on a variety of images. Mastin Labs, based in Ballard, Washington has just released their newest style pack for Capture One. With […]

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